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Over the years, I've fallen in love with capturing stories through my own lens. Below you'll find some of my favorite pieces I've worked on.

RIPON COLLEGE CAMPUS TOUR | Directed, shot, edited, colored by Samuel Li

Ripon College wanted to create a series of immersive videos that gave prospective students a detailed look as to what life on campus looked like. From varsity athletics to biology class, these 8 videos help give insight into what makes Ripon so unique. This hero video is a highlight reel of what we shot. Click here to see the rest on Ripon's website! Shot on the Sony FX6, Sony A7SIII, and DJI Mavic 3 with the BMPCC 4K and GoPro Hero 10 for FPV drones.

WITH LOVE, MADISON | Directed, shot, edited, colored by Samuel Li

Shot over 11 days across the entire year, this video for Destination Madison is part of a larger marketing push to revitalize the brand imagery for Madison, WI. We embarked on a mission to capture the soul of this vibrant city in all its splendor. 

WINTER IN WISCONSIN | Directed, shot, edited, and colored by Samuel Li

Winter is a joy to many, but dreaded by others. I wanted to make a video that celebrated the cold Wisconsin winters that I've come to love. From snowboards to iceboats, this video is sure to warm up the idea of winter to every viewer. Filmed on the Sony FX6, Sony A7SIII, GoPro Hero Black 10, and Panasonic GH4

MINNEAPOLIS | Shot and colored by Samuel Li


After the success of our Madison video, I wanted to shine the spotlight on another city in the Midwest. Immediately, I thought of Minneapolis, a city that's gone through a lot of scrutiny and negative press in recent years. Teaming up with Nations Stephenson and Ian Tunney, we created this tribute to Minneapolis aimed at showing the beautiful nooks and crannies of the Twin Cities that are less talked about in mainstream media. Filmed on the Sony FX6, Sony A7SIII, and URSA Mini.

EXPLORING MILWAUKEE | Directed, shot, edited, colored by Samuel Li

A fun travel & tourism spot for Visit Milwaukee. The goal was to showcase the lesser known parts of Milwaukee. Everyone knows about the downtown attractions, but the neighborhoods of the city are where the true personality of Milwaukee shine. Shot on the Sony FX6, Sony A7SIII, DJI Mavic 3, and GoPro Hero 10.

BUBBL'R - WILD CHERRY CHILL'R AD | Directed, shot, edited, colored by Samuel Li

Shot for BUBBL'R. We wanted to create a holiday-themed ad that built suspense for BUBBL'Rs new flavor, Wild Cherry Chill'r. By transforming a retro diner with lights, tinsel, and fake snow, we were able to bring our vision to life. Shot on the Sony FX6.

VISIT SAN ANTONIO | Shot, edited, colored by Samuel Li

This project for Visit USA and Visit San Antonio showcases the vibrancy of San Antonio, Texas. Working with the award-winning agency, Beautiful Destinations, I joined the team as the Director of Photography and Editor. During this weeklong shoot, we also shot photography and social media content for the client. Show with BMPCC 6K and DJI Mavic 3.

KUL WATER | Directed, edited, colored by Samuel Li

A commercial shot for KUL, a 4-in-1 water appliance that aims to eliminate plastic bottle usage. This project was part of a larger campaign that included an animated video and a brand video for the company. Shot on the Canon C300 Mark II. 

TRICKY FOODS | Shot, edited, colored by Samuel Li

During the height of the pandemic, we wanted to find a way to support other local businesses in Wisconsin. I met up with Therese, owner of Tricky Foods, in June 2020 to help grow her company, so we drafted up the idea for this video. We went on to shoot a few more projects for Therese as her business grew, including one for Kwik Trip. Shot on the URSA Mini and Sony A7SIII.

INFOSEC RECRUITMENT VIDEO | Shot, edited, and colored by Samuel Li

This recruitment video was one of two videos made for Infosec Institute, an award-winning cybersecurity education company based in Madison, WI and Chicago, IL. Shot on the Sony FX6 and Sony A7SIII.

SOHA DIAMOND CO | Shot, edited, colored by Samuel Li

A 30-second TV broadcast commercial made for Soha Diamond Co. They wanted a high-energy ad that differed from their competition and highlighted what made their jewelry unique. Shot on the Sony FX6.

ORDERS.CO | Directed, shot, edited by Samuel Li


A social ad shot for, a software company dedicated to changing the way restaurants view and interact with online ordering while empowering them to thrive. Shot on Sony Venice and Sony A7SIII.

Services Provided


Whether you're looking for a single cinematographer or a larger commercial production team, I'll assemble a top-notch crew to get your project rolling. Click here to watch some of my work.

Drone Operations

Commercially licensed to work with standard and FPV drones, I provide a variety of aerial services. 


My commercial, lifestyle, and drone work has made me an award-winning photographer. Check out my Instagram!

Creative Direction

Not quite sure how you want to bring your idea to life? I can help guide you through the ideation process and assist in storyboarding your vision. Let's talk!



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